This page has been blank, until I decided I should find something to say here. Hence I asked my followers on Twitter to throw me some questions, about what they would like to know about me. So here we go!

how did I get to know about CNBLUE
A friend introduced me to “You’re Beautiful”, the drama starring YongHwa, after the drama has finished broadcasting in Korea. I was not a fan of ShinWoo, in fact, I spazz TaeKyung and MiNam rather than Shinwoo and her. At that time I have no idea who was CNBLUE, let alone how awesome they are.

After that I started watching “We Got Married” because of Adam Couple (yes I am an iAM too). And shortly after that, YongHwa started appearing in WGM with SeoHyun as the YongSeo couple. “Ah, that’s the ShinWoo from YAB”, I told myself. I still had not much interest in him, despite hearing that he has a band and has debuted with them. Until, the other members of CNBLUE appeared in the show.

My attention just kept being attracted, like with a magnet, over to JungShin, the tall and charming young man with a super shy and boyish grin. He was so dorky and awkward in the episode, I kept laughing at him with my heart fluttering around. I got really curious about this band, who has got young, good looking members with the aura of potential talent that could bring them to great heights. Before the episode ended, I told myself I ought to find out more about CNBLUE (and JungShin of course kkk).

And then my journey with them began…

In summary and conclusion, it was “love at first sight“, for me “picking” JungShin as my bias (mushy much?! XD).

why is JungShin your bias?
This is a very good question that I myself do not know either. He just attracted me when I first saw him in WGM, and he has been my bias ever since. However I must emphasise that I love all four members, not just JungShin. If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I can and do spazz about all four of them.

My love for the long-legged boy simply grew over time and has rooted itself deep within me. I doubt that my bias would ever change. Undying love perhaps? XD

#random – I made a ‘confession’ during White Day this year. Check out my confession video here.

why do I call JungShin bunny?
Many BOICE have been asking me, why do I call JungShin ‘bunny’. Honestly, and maybe sadly, I was not the “founder” of the nickname. A fellow BOICE gave him that nickname and I followed suit in calling him that. My contribution was that I spread the nickname like wildfire. BOICE has been ‘coming up to me’ and asking why is that so. I regret to tell them that I was not the ‘founder’.

You may click here to read how and why did she nickname him bunny. I agreed that his long limbs and adorable charm reminds me of this stuffed bunny I have. I named it ‘tokki’ (which means rabbit/bunny in Korean). Tokki currently resides on my bed.

tokki. does he resemble bunny? XD

I have been calling JungShin ‘bunny’ ever since, and now many BOICE call him that too. It has become the unofficial nickname for him.

how did you join CNBLUESTORM?
I was a late BOICE – I started my BLUE journey after watching WGM, and have already missed most of their Bluetory promotions. The next promotion that I saw them through was BLUELOVE. In between that, I was just a little fan, spazzing on my own on Twitter. I made some friends, whom one was a staff here. We got along really well, and we even met when she came over to Singapore for a visit. She then recommended me to Lyna, the founder of the site. Lyna then approached me over Twitter, and persuaded me to join, despite my multiple polite declines. I then started my ‘career’ here as a translator. There, I got headhunted to join this family.

My roles have expanded over time, no longer confined within translating duties. This family has also grown over time, with many staff residing all over the world. BLUE DOMINATION, I call it.

As of now, I am the co-founder of two groups – 4CNBLUE, a subbing team dedicated to CNBLUE, and CNBShin, a fanbase dedicated for JungShin.

#random – we at CNBShin wrote a song for JungShin for his birthday last year, titled “To Be With You”. This was part of the birthday project, Prince JungShin birthday project (:

how did you know Korean?
I learnt – everybody learns their languages. The probable difference is how I learnt it – I taught myself that. How? Through online tutorials, guide books, watching dramas, variety shows etc. Translating fandom stuff helps me to practice and learn as I go along too.

If you are keen to learn Korean on your own as well, I suggest you start with the Korean alphabets.

The boys were not the only reason that I took up this amazing language. I have a keen interest in languages – my Japanese was self-taught as well. Moreover, Korean is really a fascinating and interesting language that kept me going, exploring it and attaining higher levels. I currently hold a Level 2 in TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean). I took the grueling exam in 2011.

(note: TOPIK is the international standard for Korean learners. Go Google about it!)

what kind of music do you like?
 I like all sorts of music that’s sounds great to my ears. I listen to Jpop/rock, Kpop/rock (CNBLUE?lol), MandoPop/rock (Mayday!) and of course English pop/rock! An American rock band that I’m lately into is Paramore. Check them out (:

other random questions and answers
what kind of person do you hate? – with relation to this fandom, it would be PLAGIARISERS!

something about me

my korean name is 유제라
pronounced as yoo jera.
yoo is my surname/last name, jera is my name

living in tiny sunny island Singapore

knows English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

my twitter
my tumblr

any other things you would like to know about me,
tweet me or leave a comment below and I may just answer you

thank you for reading!

2 Responses “chiffonlau” →

  1. Katrina lin villamayor

    May 16, 2012

    Fantastic!…i am Filipina.. I think we have the same story not really but it’s almost the same… Like what you said,after i watch YAB here in the philippines that time i only like yonghwa but after heartstrings was aired here in the philippines with minhyuk i got curious about the band name CNBLUE.. That was the start of me being fan of cnblue.. I wish we could be friends..


  2. interesting when read “how did you get to know about CNBLUE”
    everyone have different story that always interesting…

    may be sometimes jungshin visit here and read your profile



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