Lyna is my Name,
I’m here to join in the Game,
Philippines is a place where this gal stays.
And I’m ME no matter what anyone says.

L– Loner. ”I’m A Loner” without CNBLUE. Actually, L is for Lover of Arts (Visual), Stories, Novels (Ken Follett, Sidney Sheldon, etc.), Movies (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, many more), Music (Korean Pop, Japanese Pop, Taiwanese Pop, English, OPM), Dramas (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese), Animes (Deathnote, Bloody Monday, Naruto) and many more … I probably try anything new and get hooked with the one which captivates me.

Y– Yawn! I get to yawn most of the times not because I’m sleepy but I seem to lack oxygen… Just my opinion… Okay, you got me. So, I’m always sleepy cause Kpop fandom keeps me up all night thinking, dreaming endlessly hoping to meet them in person. ^^

N– Naruto Addict! This Anime is something I cannot miss every week it updates! Lols… I’m Nice, Nature Lover, Neat, Neat-freak… LOL…

A– Artistic. Many says that I am! and that’s how I see myself too… I love visual arts and hope to travel around the world collecting artifacts and crafts… I love making crafts and scrapbooks. Also, I venture into song and fan fic writing. Is that enough for me to say that I am artistic? ^^

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you find out about CNBLUE?

I think most of us started the journey of becoming a CNBLUE fan from the popular drama “You’re Beautiful” where Yonghwa starred as Kang Shinwoo. I don’t know why but, in dramas, I usually love underdogs or supporting casts. So, on “You’re Beautiful” I’ve come to love Kang Shinwoo. So, I started googling about him and stumbled on his band CNBLUE. Then, I start digging more about CNBLUE, and was able to stumble on their pre-debut videos. It only takes 1 video for me to get too attached to them and was glued forever. Check this post: CLICK THIS! Can you guess what pre-debut video captured me the most? My addiction doesn’t stop from searching. For some reason, I wanted to keep information about them. So, I decided to compile information about them at my blog. Then, with some pushing from friends, cnbluestorm was born.

Why do you like CNBLUE?

I believe you don’t need a reason to like someone. So that you also won’t have a reason not to like someone too. Cause sometimes if you like someone for his appearance, what if his appearance will change, would you still like him? That is my general point of view about liking someone. As for me liking CNBLUE, I can’t find any reason why I shouldn’t.

Who is your bias?

Bias? What is bias? According to wikipedia, it is is an inclination to present or hold a partial perspective at the expense of (possibly equally valid) alternatives. Anything biased generally is one-sided, and therefore lacks a neutral point of view. Bias can come in many forms and is often considered to be synonymous with prejudice or bigotry.

Definition actually varies according to one’s perception. The above definition is like formal way of saying what bias is, for me. Bias can be applied at many forms too. Based on my understanding, given an option (ex: A, B, C), you prefer C without even considering A or B. That is Bias. But in fandom, somehow it has a different connotation. On my own perception, in fandom, somehow Bias becomes synonymous with “Your Favorite / Preferred Member” in a group. Before, if someone asked me “who is your bias?” I usually answered it with my preferred member in the group, Jonghyun. But, based on the definition above, BIAS is way too DIFFERENT from FAVORITE / PREFERRED. Technically, I have NO bias. And I prefer Jonghyun not just because of his looks and talents… honestly, I prefer him amongst the other members because I think of him differently. LOL. And my preferences is actually DISTORTED. Yeah, I love looking at Jungshin‘s photos, I find him too lovely, sexy, chic. Gah! So… I kept a picture of him and dream to be beside him too. XD Yonghwa… I’ve always want to work with Yonghwa in composing and writing songs… with Jonghyun too. But, I think I can’t work well with Jonghyun apart from the fact that we might not be able to communicate well.. but umm… we might end up on the floor. *rawr* hahaha… am having byuntae thoughts.. mianhe… hahaha… Minhyuk-ssi… I actually find him the handsomest of all members.. with his chinky eyes and eye smiles… he is just too adorable to resist. So, what do you say? Do I have a favorite member?

CLICK the PHOTO above. ^^

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My day seems to be lacking something if I don’t get to watch any Asian Drama particularly Korean drama episode. It’s like my mood is soooo down. Watching dramas or movies is my favorite hobby. hahaha…


They say that you can get to know a person through her likes and perceptions… Here are some of my favorite movies and dramas…





Akai Ito (Red Thread)


You’re Beautiful


Sungkyunkwan Scandal

My 2008 – 2010 BEST Asian DRAMA

Fated To Love You

My 2011 BEST KDRAMA of aLL Times

49 Days / Pure Love

18 Responses “L” →
  1. wah u’re soooo Asian lovers! All i know about dramas u refered just fate to love u as i love taiwanese drama n you’re beautiful (i know it last year n just finish watched it couples week ago).
    I love manga too, conan, inuyasha and samurai x.
    But our meeting with cnblue is different, i know them first as band in japan and untill know absently-minded i still considering if they’re japanese, lol
    anyway, keep it up we need more about those wonderful boys!


  2. Love your explanation abt bias… honestly I wasn’t sure abt its meaning and now I’m much more confused!!! LOL!!!
    I think I’m gonna add you to my fb account… hope u don’t mind.


  3. Hi I’ve been following you on twitter to get news about these gorgeous boys…It is just now that I found some time to read what this blog is about. It’s nice to have someone to share the love of this group.


  4. i’ve watched koizora too eonni! it’s the saddest movie eveeeeerrr
    there’s no single second that i’m not drenched in tears T____T


  5. Hi Lyna,

    Here’s an article about BoicePH. The writer of this blog is a very good friend of mine and she writes mostly about KPop. I’ve been nagging her for sometime now to write about CNBlue and here it is. I hope you can post this is your website.




    • Si Catherine? I actually mentioned and followed her at twitter… I actually read that article when it was published. I’ll talk with other admins first, cause the article is local and its about Boice.. not literally CNBLUE. And if we will post about it, we have to start posting about other Boice local fanclubs as well, right?


      • Hi,

        So sorry but I just read this now. Yes, she’s also on twitter and I agree about what you said. 🙂

        I actually keep hounding her to write about CNBlue and made her promise me that if they come here I get dibs when she attends the presscon…hahaha.

        I’ve just recently bought Re-maintenance DVD and received the 392 DVD as a birthday gift as well. I’d like to share some comments bout those two. Is it okay to post it here?

        Thanks again!

        More power and God bless!




    • it’s not really weird.. Those are great dramas..

      Am adding Thai, India movies in my LIST. ^^
      i just SUPER LIKE a movie in India entitled “3 IDIOTS”, i thought its comedy because of the title.. I was like crying and laughing while watching it.. So full of lessons..


  7. wow we have a almost same choice i love tamaki hiroshi specially nodame cantabile and heavenly forest and 49 days too ❤


    • i really love Japanese dramas and movies.. they usually have great storyline.. i was addicted to JDoramas on year 2007-2008 along with some Taiwanese dramas like “Sugar Brown Machiatto”, “Fated to Love You” and many more.. i Love Taiwanese actors like Mike Chen, Ethan Ruan and Wu Chun. ^^ Taiwanese artists like Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang), Fahrenheit and SHE..

      in Japanese, i love Yui, Utada Hikaru, Rei Fu…
      Actress: Ueto Aya, Ayase Haruka and Inoe Mao
      Actors: Hiroki Narimiya, Tamaki Hiroshi, Saito a.k.a. Hiro (i forgot his name when I was head over heels on him after watching ‘Zettai Kareshi’), Kenichi Matsuyama, and Haruma Miura.. ^^

      My KPop addiction started on 2009 with Dara of 2NE1, then Bigbang, then CNBLUE then B1A4.. hehehe



  8. yong2x0622

    October 2, 2011

    where in the philippines are you from?..i’m hoping you’re from cebu..just in case there would be a CNBlue concert in manila..would really appreciate it if i could attend the concert together w/ other cebuano Boices.. 🙂



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