Hello all you Beautiful BOICE!

I hate talking about myself so this feels awkward but I’d like for everyone to get to know the new ‘kid’ on the block, hehe! So, I’m Mari for short, I’m a super BOICE & CNBLUE supporter full-time and oh yeah, I also am a freelance Graphic/ Digital Designer in my spare time >.<

More About Me

My first aspiration was to be a singer, I love to write…and oh, I am the most sarcastic person you will probably ever meet…

How I learned about CNBLUE

It wasn’t long ago that I started to learn about KPOP, It’s funny how my interest got sparked. I was watching a movie one day, ‘Ninja Assassin’ with Rain as the star and I thought, damn he is one fine-looking man! My crush led me to YouTube so when I was just browsing trying to find more about him and so I stumbled upon a fan video someone made with her ‘top 10 Korean KPOP groups‘ so I watched because I was curious and there was band that stood out from the bunch, CNBLUE. At first I thought what an add name for a band and I wonder if they suck… Well, I just had to find out who this group was so again, I used my trusty YouTube friend….(BTW YouTube is AWESOME when it comes to finding all sorts of stuff hehe). So I searched for all I could find, and the first MV I watched was ‘Intuition‘…OMG I was hooked! I had to find out more about these guys, I found ‘L.O.V.E Girl‘ which had a totally different flavor from the first song, which made me want to seek out more and there is when my CNBLUE obsession began, the rest is as they say, History

So Who Does Mari Call her Bias?

Some who know me will probably be surprised to learn that Lee Jonghyun was my first bias! Yeah, he got me at first with his literal ‘Burning‘ stare…those cat like eyes really hooked me when I first saw him cuz I mean come on, who doesn’t think he’s sweet eye candy? BUT somehow, sitting down to watch ‘You’re Beautiful‘ got me to really take another LONG look at Jung Yonghwa. But what really sealed the deal was watching their concert, ‘Listen to the CNBLUE‘ in AX Korea for the first time and really getting to see them sing and perform live. My heart just sank for Yonghwa. His nervous energy and his vulnerable voice made me fall in love right there on the spot, and ever since then his ‘Emotional’ EVERYTHING has made me fall deeper and deeper by the day!!

I love to spazzz over him because lets face facts, THIS MAN IS ^!*%$#@_@& HAWT! But I don’t want people to get the wrong Idea and think I only like him for his looks! Of course, not only can I appreciate this gorgeous man’s dripping sex appeal but his amazing voice and his leadership qualities make him my ideal….but sometimes I just wanna look at him…just look because that’s all I can do *sigh*

One thing, of many, that I really admire about CNBLUE is their musical ability. They didn’t train on their current instruments for as long as a lot of other musicians have and yet they play as if they’ve been doing it for decades. They can actually create music from a single note to a full composition and add lyrics, then arrangement, with vocals and soul! I just love these guys so much! I only wish I had been a fan or even known of CNBLUE from the beginning like a lot of other fans but its been a little over a year now and I’m just glad I got the chance to love them as much as I do

My Contact Info

Twitter: @colormecnblue

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  1. ehmmm!..anybody home?


  2. ^__^ New Kid on The Block – Is there a song or a group with that name cause it sounds familiar.. ^^

    Yonghwa is my first bias.. I first watched You’re Beautiful and fall for Kang Shinwoo.. Then, I research about JYH then that lead me to CNBLUE.. Then, I watch all their pre-debut videos, I fall for Kwang Jin.. damn! That guy .. I still long for him.. I still can’t move on, I guess… Then, when Kwangjin left, I was devastated… so, it takes time for me to accept Jungshin.. but then I’ve come to love Jungshinee.. then I fall hard for the dangerously handsome mysterious guy.. Jonghyun.. and I just realized that maybe because he resemble one of my ex-bf, the one I really loved. LOL. He resembles him when he smiles, maybe because of the dimples… darn… most of my ex-bf’s have dimples. LOL. But somehow those two have similar features…

    ^^, thanks for joining CNBLUESTORM Mari.. ^^


    • Waah, thank you Lyna!! I’m so glad to be part of CNBS! Yeah, New Kids On the Block is a group, an old boy band by now haha! Wow, you went through so many changes! And why did Kwang Jin leave, I never really found that out! JH is one who makes me blush too hehe…Idk, they all have their qualities but Yonghwa is the one for me! Let’s get together and spazz soon, shall we?? ^^



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