Annyeong Boice. My name is Henna (which means “colorful”), you can just called me nna.  Just a short intro from me, about how I got to be part of this Boice family.

Actually, I’m a K-drama addict more than K-Pop. After I watched You’re Beautiful (SBS 미남이시네요, Oct 2009) despite it’s mediocre ratings, I got hooked by the handsome and gentleman Kang Shinwoo role (Jung Yonghwa). Back then,  I never thought that he’s a newbie in acting.

I started to search all about him, then I found out that he’s a member of CNBLUE. At the time, my big question was “Who is CNBLUE?? They haven’t debuted yet in Korea and I was not into J-pop either at that time so I just ignored that band and continued fangirling over Kang Shinwoo. Until I watched God of Study (KBS2) on Jan 2010, I got hooked by the main lead Baekhyun (Yoo Seung Ho).

That was the time I thought he’s CNBLUE‘s drummer Kang Minhyuk!! kkkkk.. *babo* xDDD So I finally took notice of CNBLUE. Thank God they already debuted on Jan 2010 so it’s not that hard to search about them.

I watched all their debut stage performances, and CNBLUETORY show (MNET, 2010).  These made me amazed at their talent when they’re doing live street performance and their passion (my favorite is when they cover Maroon 5 and 2Ne1’s song).

Then I watched Making the Artist. I love their jam sessions (my favorite is Love Revolution at ep. 5).

I decided to fangirl over this talented band. But sadly, it’s kinda hard to find their news in English to catch up on all their activities. Scouring for English information, my first landing is in this blog, I thought it would be good if I can help them a bit by contributing to spread the love, then after that I can leave the fandom peacefuly. (LOL at the fact that after 1.5 year had passed, I am still here! No regrets though).

So, I am stuck here, willingly! I enjoy and cherish every moment with Boice, gaining more friends and family. I guess it’s not a short intro?! ^^Let’s end here.  At the end of all, all i wanted to say was that I am here because CNBLUE took me by storm. Annyeong. ^^

Code Name: O [stand for omonOona -> omo (oh my) + noona (older sister)]

Name/nick: nna

DOB: 8th March

Nationality: Indonesia

Lang: Bahasa, Singlish, Konglish.

Twitter: @naraejoha

Status: in Long distance relationship with Kang Minhyuk

Hobby : Traveling, watching K-drama, writting.

Music : Kim Jongkook, CNBLUE, SUJU, JYJ, Shinhwa, KARA, Hwayobi, K.Will, J-Cera, Ra.D, KRY, 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ, FTTS, SS501, KARA, A-Pink.

Actor/Actress : Yoo Seungho, Kang Haneul, Lee Jongsuk, Park Yoochun, Hyunbin, Park YooHwan, Jung Ilwoo, Ji Hyunwoo, Kim Hyunjoong, Choi Kanghee, Song HyeKyo, Yoo Inna.

Show : X-Man, Running Man, 1N2D, Appa Eodiga, Exploring Human Body, Strong Heart, Intimate Note, Hello Baby (SHINee), Heroes, Come To Play, Haha Mong show, Idol Army, and many more on my HDD,lol

Quote: “A universe stone called CNBLUE has crashed into the amygdala in my brain’s limbic system. ♥_♥” ~

Movie :

200 Pounds Beauty,
4th Period Murder,
A Moment to Remember,
Attack on the Pin-Up Boys,
Baby and I,
Bakery Attack,
Cyrano Dating Agency,
Doremi fasolasido,
Jungle Fish 2,
Mr. Idol,
My Black Mini Dress,
My Boyfriend is type B,
My Gangster Boyfriend,
My Little Bride,
My Mighty Princess,
My Sassy Girl,
My Scary Girl,
My Tutor Friend,
My wife is a gangster,
Penny Pincher,
Perfect Couple,
Petty Romance,
Romantic Heaven,
Seducing Mr. Perfect,
Stairway to Heaven, etc (and many more that I couldn’t remember…).

Drama: I’ve watched a lots of drama since 1999, here is a list of Korean dramas that I’ve watched to completion (or almost 70% of the entire series). There are many more dramas that I started and never finished and other dramas that I’ve finished, but skipped enough episodes along the way that I no longer feel comfortable including them on this list. There are also some that I hated with all my heart and soul, but finished purely due to my curiousness.

18 vs 29 (Ryu Soo Young & Park Eun Hye[not the female lead]),
49 Days (Nam Gyuri & Jung Ilwoo),
A love to Kill (Rain),
All About Eve (Chae Rim),
Autumn Tale (Song Seung Hoon & Song Hyekyo),
Baby Faced Beauty (Jang Nara),
Bachelor Vegetables store (Ji Changwook),
Becoming a Billionare (Ji Hyun woo),
Best Love/ Greatest Love (Cha Seungwon).
Boys Before Flower (Lee Minho),
Cinderella Stepsister (Moon Geunyong),
City Hunter (Lee Minho),
Coffe House (Kang JiHwan),
Coffe Prince (Yoon Eunhye),
Color of Woman (Jaehee),
Deep Rooted Tree (Jang Hyuk),
Dream High (IU & wooyoung),
Flower Boy Ramyun shop (Jung Ilwoo),
Full House (Rain n Song Hyekyo),
God of Study (Yoo Seung Hoo),
Heartstrings (Jung Yonghwa),
Hello Miss! (Lee Jihoon & Lee Da Hae),
I Hear Your Voice (Lee Jongsuk, Lee Boyoung)
I’m Sorry I Love You (So Jisub),
Jewel In The Palace (Ji Jinhee & Lee Yeong Ae),
Lie To Me (Yoon Eun Hye & Kang Jihwan),
Love Story In Harvard (Kim Taehee),
Lovers in paris (Park Shinyang),
Marry Me Marry (Jang Geunsuk & Moon Geunyong),
Miss Ripley (Lee Da Hae & Yoochun),
Monstar tvN (B2ST Junhyung, Ha Yeonsoo),
My Boss My Hero (Nagase Tomoya),
My Girl (Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae),
My Girlfriend is Gumiho (Lee Seunggi),
My Name is Kim Samsoon (Hyunbin),
Myungwol The Spy (Eric & Han Yeseul),
Nine: Time Travel (Lee Jinwook, Jo Yoonhee)
Over The Rainbow (Ji Hyunwoo),
Partner (Lee Dongwook),
Personal Taste (Son Yejin),
Playful Kiss (Kim Hyunjoong),
Princess Hours (Yoon Eun Hye & Joo Jihoon),
Prosecutor Princess (Park Shi Hoo),
Protect The Boss (Jisung & Choi Kanghee),
Queen Inhyun’s Man (Ji Hyunwoo & Yoo Inna).
Queen of Snow (Hyunbin),
Replay 1997 (Seo Inggook, Jung Eunji),
Rooftop Prince (Yoochun),
Scent Of Woman (Lee Dongwook),
School 2013 (Lee Jongsuk, Kim Woobin),
Secret Garden (HyunBin),
Shining Inheritance (Lee Seunggi),
SKK Scandal (Yoochun),
The King 2 Hearts (Lee Seunggi),
The Strongest Kpop Survival (Park Yoohwan),
Vampire Prosecutor (Yun Jung Hoon),
What Happened in Bali (Ha Jiwon & Jo Insung),
Winter Sonata (Bae Yoongjun),
Witch Yoo Hee (Jae Hee & Han Gain),
Worlds within (Hyunbin & Song Hye kyo),
You’re Beautiful (Jang Geunsuk, Park Shinhye & Yonghwa), etc.

See him smilling, I hope you have a reason to smile today. ^__^

3 Responses “omonOona” →
  1. are you from indonesia?? me too.
    boleh aku nanya. mau minta alamat fnc d seoul dong?? temen aku lagi ada di seoul.
    atau di seoul ada toko khusus yang menjual pernak pernik lengkap cnblue ga??? minta alamatnya ya. please bales ya. thanks.


  2. annyeong henna, i’m from indonesia too!
    keep stalking on our boys ;3


  3. WAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I also thought Yoo Seung Ho is Kang Minhyuk’s brother! They are soooo Look Alike! hehehe..



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