“What I like.. I don’t feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future, hmm.. Never really thought about that.. As for my hobbies, well, I have a lot of hobbies.”

If anyone of you can guess whose quote above, I’ll congratulate you! Kkkk..

안녕! My name is Rizka, Indonesian, gemini, O type, 19 and also a Graphic Designer in CNBLUE Storm family. I express my fangirliness thru my tumblr. Typical person who can’t live without music. My all time favorite artists; CNBLUE, Depapepe, Jung Sungha, DBSK, Linkin Park, Dashboard Confessional, Westlife. Lol I’m so not into the mainstream, up till now I prefer listen to 90’s songs.

Ah! I love watching drama too (my list). Um other interests; I love designing/sketching, photoshopping, writing, watching Loner MV (to see Jonghyun’s martial arts skill), watching Running Man, rewatching WGM season 1, playing with my cats and hamsies, making gif, learning new stuff, gossiping with pals, watching naruto, reading some manga, spazzing over biases and sometimes singing alone >< someday I really should get a life lolol.

Started a life as a Boice when I found out that the members were talented already and very well-prepared musically and personally before their official debut in Korea. Really respect that kind of artist. They have been keeping my eyes on Korean music industry, since DBSK; which was the first yet last Korean boyband I adore, split up, I felt like having a new hope when I saw CNBLUE lol, and I bet they still have TON of things to be gone thru, to experience and gain brand new stuff, to become an all time Korean rock band♥


Favorite quote: “There’s a huge difference between what is right and what feels right” | Eyecandies: Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jonghyun and Lee Dongwook | Lucky number: 6 | Dream: composing music with CNBLUE | Favorite characters: Kudou Shinichi, Namikaze Minato and Hatake Kakashi | CNBLUE’s song: Can’t choose lol | Dislikes: cockroach, albino cockroach, flying cockroach.


2 Responses “R” →
  1. OMG!!! your post just made me laugh.. hehehe

    Who is Kudou Shinichi? He is very familiar..
    i Love Naruto too..

    my DISLIKE is Spider.. XD


  2. i love what u wort you made me laugh as if u ‘re talking about me i ‘m a graphic designer too i like working while i’m listening to music it gives inspiration makes me fly to unknown places and cnblue and 3doors down did that to me. . by the way I HATE cockroach TOO ): makes me shaking



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