Event Finished!

On July 31, 2010 was our 100th Day Anniversary as BOICE and CNBLUE had their first concert at Korea. In celebration for that event, CNBLUESTORM in partnership with YesAsia and YesStyle proudly presented the first 1Boice Online Nosh-up Date or 1BOND (read as One Bond or One Bee Ow En Dee) with a theme “Loving CNBLUE 100 days and beyond.

The title 1Boice Online Nosh-up Date have deeper meaning. 1Boice read as One Voice signifies unison which means unity or harmony. Thus, it could also mean CNBLUE Voice in Perfect Harmony. Online means electronically connected to the Internet. Nosh-up is a slang word for feast, festival or blowout. Date may refer to as day as well as meeting. Thus, the title 1BOND means connecting and uniting all CNBLUE fans for a commemoration online. And, it’s a date! Don’t miss it!

For the event, we had Give-away Contests and Trivia for Twitter Trending Topic or T4T3 (read as Tate or Tee For Tee Three) with fabulous prizes. We aim to promote CNBLUE thru uniting and showcasing BOICE talents while having fun as well. We also want to show our love for CNBLUE by sharing their albums and spreading their awesomeness all around the globe.

Big thanks to our sponsors, YesAsia.com, YesStyle.com and our dear patrons: Ninie, Pixie, Tanya, Idless for making this event possible.

Please keep the donations coming so we can have more event like this in the future! You may donate using paypal, and for other means, please email us at cnbluestorm@yahoo.com =)

If you have questions, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Prizes given away:

2 copies of “Blue Love” album

1 copy of “ThankU” album

10 “Blue Love” Posters

1 Jung Yonghwa Style Star Necklace

1 Jung Yonghwa Style Crystal Earrings

Even though there are some delays, we manage to pull through with the event. We would like to sincerely thank YesAsia, YesStyle, our sponsors and everyone especially the participants for putting effort and supporting this project. =)

After conducting selection of Top 5 Entries for 1BOICE Tattoo, YesStyle CNBLUE, Animate CNBLUE, and Blue Voice. We conducted a poll so the BOICE can decide for the winners. Please check the Poll Results here:

Congratulations to the Winners!

YesStyle CNBLUE Winners

1st: Entry #12B

Prize: 1 Jung Yonghwa Style Star Necklace (Sponsored by YesAsia)

2nd: Entry #3B

Prize: 1 Jung Yonghwa Style Crystal Earrings (Sponsored by YesAsia)

Animate CNBLUE Winners

1st: Entry #13

Prize: 1 copy of “Blue Love” Album (Sponsored by our Patrons)

2nd: Entry #14

Prize: 1 copy of “Blue Love” Poster (Sponsored by YesAsia)

1BOICE Tattoo Winners

1st: Entry #1

Prize: 1 copy of “ThankU” album (Sponsored by YesAsia)

2nd: Entry #6

Prize: 1 copy of “Blue Love” Poster (Sponsored by YesAsia)

Blue Voice Winners

1st : Entry #8

Prize: 1 copy of “Blue Love” Album (Sponsored by our Patrons)

2nd : Entry #10

Prize: 1 copy of “Blue Love” Poster (Sponsored by YesAsia)

Love Light Winners

Prize: 1 copy each of “Blue Love” Posters (Sponsored by YesAsia)

Entry #4 (Malaysia)

Entry #5 (Indonesia)

Entry #6 (Bulgaria)

Entry #7 (Philippines)

Since Entry#7 also won YesStyle CNBLUE 2nd place. Love Light has its 5th winner!

Entry #9 (Malaysia)

Trivia for Twitter Trending Topic (T4T3) Winners!

Winners with their Prizes:


38 Responses “1BOND” →

  1. Krisha

    July 27, 2010

    aww. sheesh. i only knew now that there were these events, just when almost all the events ended.


  2. oh 27th of July, kthanx bai



  3. Dalena

    July 23, 2010

    excuse me, about the “location” thing, Do I put my address of where I’m living? or do I put in like the State/City/ZIP code?



  4. miaroxx

    July 16, 2010

    I’ve sent in my entry 🙂 How will i know that you guys have recieved it?



  5. miaroxx

    July 15, 2010

    okay, i think i might tryy 🙂



  6. ch3ries

    July 10, 2010

    say someone won a comp already are they alowed to also enter the Trivia for Twitter Trending Topic (T4T3) comp and claim that prize aswell and together they would have 2 prizes?


    • Winners will be announced before the T4T3 event.. To give more chances to others, winners of the other events are not discouraged to join the T4T3..

      But, if a winner (of other event) wants to join T4T3 and wins. He must choose what prize to give up. Consequently we will choose the succeeding winner.

      A winner can only claim 1 Prize.



  7. Jennifer

    July 8, 2010

    yay, can’t wait to start the project~ ^___^


  8. OH WOW! This looks awesome 😀 I’ll be sure to join every contest (except for the Animate CNBLUE since I can’t draw >.<)



  9. about the tattoo what should I design “CN BLUE” or “BOICE” ?
    am really not that good in English so I didn’t understand xD sorry
    and thanx a lot



  10. JungYonghwanism

    July 5, 2010

    hmm, can i know what’s the e-mail address to send the result of the tattoo design? Thanks 😀


  11. I have a question too.

    For YesStyle CNBLUE, this page does not say all members must be featured (which we talked about anyway XD) and the sample comment only featured Jung Shin.

    But under the 1BOND page, the YesStyle subpage mentions all members must be in 1 entry.

    What’s correct and what’s not? 😛


  12. For the voices competition, can we sing a few songs, but only their chorus?
    Cause I cant rap as well as CNBLUE T_T



  13. ananya

    July 4, 2010

    so excited with this !!
    but still confuse.,which ones i wanna choose…hehe



  14. dhedhedhe

    July 3, 2010

    I’m not sure I will join or not (but I’m exactly want to join you, guys) may be in “Voice”/animate cn blue?? aaarghh.. I really want to join..



  15. yinghui

    July 3, 2010

    Is this competition international????


  16. Yeah, I will be probably taking part in voices, tattoo and love light 😀
    Cause I just love CNBLUE too much.


  17. is this contest open to all? I mean worldwide.


  18. Animate or Draw CNBLUE is fine… You could title it either Animate CNBLUE or Draw CNBLUE.. =)


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