Code Name: A represents Adorable ..jk

Name: AJ/burningvoice

DOB: 16th March

Hobby: Playing Game, Reading (anything from manga to science facts and political review),

Cooking, Watching Documentary and Movie

Nationality: Malaysian

Country of Residence: Indonesia

Twitter: @cngitAJaeng_i

Tumblr: cnbjonghyun (with agent Fizzy and Bow)

CNBLUE bias: Lee Awesome JongHyun

This Month Songs

“Ant Marching” by Dave Matthews Band

“Gerimis Mengundang” by Slam

“Kiss” by Standing Egg

4 Responses “A” →

  1. yehljhbi72

    November 14, 2011

    Thanks for the hardwork AJ. I’m a fan of yours! 😀 And yes, Mr. Lee Burning Jonghyun is precious…he’s bioluminescent! ^^


  2. You are adorable A. ^^
    What gaming? Computer games?



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