I’m sure most of you guys know I’m Jenna from Twitter and founder of 4CNBLUE 🙂 Been a fan of CNBLUE ever since I watched You’re Beautiful and got attracted with Yonghwa. Since then, I’ve been searching videos about them but failed because they haven’t debuted in Korea that time. Despite the criticisms they received, CNBLUE always stood up with their beliefs and works even harder to let other people know about their music. Agree that they have the looks but they also have awesome talents! Indeed, they are different from other KPOP groups. Honestly, I don’t have all their CDs, DVDs or live magazines. I believe that in my own way of being their fan, I support them. I don’t buy any albums not by CNBLUE. My heart ached when some people called fake band. They’ve worked so hard and evidently they are a real band. I’m sure all of us have different stories on how we met CNBLUE^^ We’re all united for this band — CNBLUE

Feel free to tweet me^^* Do bear in mind that I’m a student so I might not reply sometimes since I’ll be BUSY! lol

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  1. es un placer conocerte



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